May 7, 2012


Finally got around to doing my work-out and by that I mean cleaning, my blog that is! It's been such a long time since I posted anything that this place was full of dust bunnies and spider webs, lol, major clean-up! I quite possibly have as many excuses for not working out (for real) as I have for not blogging. But life tends to get on the way and lately I haven't even had much time to create art let alone tend to my blog. Best I've been able to accomplish these past few weeks was to work on my art journal and remain relatively active on Facebook. And speaking of FB, I recently joined a challenge to create 29 faces in May. I figure that'll be a way for me to try to commit to doing some art everyday, even if just a quick sketch. I have to keep my creative muscles active, even if I don't have the time or don't feel inspired. Inspiration is a fickle lady and I figure that if she doesn't want to grace me with her presence, I'll have to impose myself regardless. Art journaling and sketching are the way to go for me since I can free myself of the pressure of creating a finished canvas that has to be "perfect", which of course never happens. And by joining the challenge, I hope to also bring myself to blog everyday since I'll try to post the faces here as soon as I'm done.

Without further ado, here are the first four faces, three done on my art journal and one on a wooden plaque I had prepped a while ago, so it was easy to just add the girl. For the remainder of the week I will probably only have time for quick sketches, which is ok, as long as I keep up with the challenge. I'm three faces behind but I'll try to catch up today or tomorrow.

If anyone would like to join 29 Faces in May, here is the link:

Have a wonderful and creative week!

Face # 1 The Journal Cover

Face # 2

Face # 3 Done on a wooden Plaque

Face # 4 Inspired by the adorable RuPaul!

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