July 21, 2014

All work and (little) fun!

It's been a really busy morning, finishing up the last details on my new website (one dedicated to my artwork only), creating a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to get my business off the ground + editing pics and such. Not that much fun, but at least super easy, as far as the website creating goes. I'm just so glad I found artistrunwebsite.com Even someone like me, with only the most basic knowledge of computer related stuff can create a website with them in no time at all. Thanks Eric Deis, artist and webmaster over at artistrunwebsite for making my life that much easier!

The only real art fun I had this morning was painting another layer on my giant sunflower. Another one or two glazes and it should be finished!

Now off to work, but before I go, I should probably pack my new paintbox + a watercolor sketchbook. You never know when the opportunity to paint a little might arise. Loving this new Cotman watercolor pan set. With all 48 hues in the Cotman line, playing with color is super fun!  I did the paint swatches yesterday, now all I need is to use it a lot so I can remember all the colors in it! Here's some fun and loosey goosey poppies I painted to break in the new "toy". 

My thought to carry with me today - "FEAR NOT. PAINT COURAGEOUSLY" Yep, it's gonna be an awesome day.

Jade Scarlett

July 4, 2013

Warning: You might need to hug someone after reading this


Yesterday I had the privilege of meeting one of my online friends, who also happens to be my accountability partner at Soul Shakers. I have to say, I had the most amazing time with her. We had a strong connection immediately. I already felt close to her during our weekly Skype sessions, but having a chance to be together in real life brouht a whole new meaning to our relationship as partners "and" friends. We talked, we laughed, we opened our hearts, we bonded.

As part of my training to become a Holistic Life coach, I was asked to reflect upon my relationship to Community. Do I have strong bonds with my community? Do I have a support system? Am I thriving within it? Yes, to everything! Absolutely! I have a very busy social life, I'm an active member of my community and I am so fortunate to have so many soul sisters (and a few brothers) whom I love with all my heart, and can always count on their unwavering support. My tribe. I've been through some incredibly difficult and dark times recently, and without my sisters, their love, support, kindness and belief in me, it would've been almost impossible for me to make the journey back to light, back to life. I can honestly say that comunity is a very strong category in my foundations pyramid.

Between work, studying, home life, family, creative endeavors, leisure moments, and my busy (online) social life, I realized that I have very few connections outside of the online world. Some of those amazing human beings I feel deeply connected to actually live in New York City or nearby in Long Island, Jersey, Upstate, or somewhere not too far. So why are we not connecting IRL? Are we too busy? Or are we simply hiding behind the computer screen? What are we afraid of? Connecting on a physical level as well? Showing up with our vulnerabilities and without any of the filters that we find so easily available when typing our emotions away? I don't know, maybe a little bit of all of the above. But after meeting up with my partner Ayo yesterday, I got a real understanding of how very much I need that connection in the real world, in order to really thrive within community. I had already sensed her energy over Skype, but as soon as she walked towards me at cafe where we met, I felt the very air change, her energy so incredibly warm, loving, positive, upbeat and genuine. The hug we shared was positively electrifying during that brief moment when we where enmeshed within each others energetic fields. In her company, laughing and sharing stories, I couldn't help but vibrating higher, just as she was. I felt happy at a cellular level. My heart was singing. I learned so much from her and also about myself during those two blissful hours we spent together.

I experience a lot of those feelings within my online community, of course. But what's missing is that joyous moment of the physical embrace, to connect on that level as well. The eye to eye contact, the laughter that erupts constantly, that incredible exchange of energy that is so much stronger when you are face to face.

I'm making a commitment to myself. To allow that kind of connection to have a much more important place in my life, to go high on my list of priorities. To make the time to go out and enjoy the company of those whom I care so much for, online, to bridge the gap that the computer screen creates between us. To show up without any filters, with an open heart and no fear that my vulnerabilities will be more readily accessible. This is me, showing up for myself. Raw, honest, open hearted, vulnerable, unabashedly "me".

You there, you know who you are, you who live close by, I'm making space for you in my life. We'll be spending time together soon!

Love and bright blessings

Ten Warning Signs that you're living a Vibrant, Healthy, and Happy Life

Namaste. How happy are you? Here are ten signs that you may be happier than you think. 
-You get enough sleep and when you wake up in the morning, you have a smile on your face to greet the new day
-The very first thought you have upon waking is how grateful you are for everything in your life
-You ground and center yourself with a few minutes of meditation, or prayer, or just a little quiet moment everyday
-You honor the Divine within you by properly hydrating your body with enough water and nourishing your body with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, wholesome grains, and lean proteins
-You can't wait to go for a run, swim, yoga class, or any form of exercise you find enjoyable
-You live in the now
-You appreciate what you have and find yourself deeply grateful for all the goodness in your life
-You trust your intuition
-You establish healthy boundaries
-You surround yourself with people that are as happy as you are :)
How happy are you? What are some things you can do right now to feel more joy in your life? Do more of what makes YOU happy!
Love and bright blessings


July 2, 2013

Manifesting your Ideal Life


I'm a firm believer that in order for someone to feel truly happy and healthy, they must live in a holistic way. Body, mind, and spirit. You can't have one balanced without the others. How we nourish our bodies, how we hydrate it, how we connect to earth, how strong is our bonds to our community, how we relate to Spirit, how satisfied we feel at work and with what we do for a living, how balanced is our life at home, and how we relate to money are all aspects that need to be in harmony in order for us to lead happy, healthy, and fulfilled lives.

If you, like me, find that some areas have more gaps than others, than the best approach would be to find a way to balance it, to bring it into harmony with the other aspects of your life. And in my opinion, one of the best ways to do that is with the guidance of  someone or a group of people who can give  you motivation and support.

One of the areas that is a source of unhappiness for a lot of us  is the work aspect. We might not find it fulfilling, we might not make enough money, it may be that it is draining the life force out of us. We have dreams of leaving our day jobs and doing something that comes from the heart, that makes us truly happy and satisfied, so when we wake up in the morning we greet the day with a huge grin on our faces because it's the bright start of a whole new world of possibilities doing what we love.

Sometimes that dream is just a fuzzy idea. We don't know exactly what it is that we want to do. We also feel unmotivated without some sort of support to help us bring that idea into life. That's when having a coach makes all the difference.

A few months ago I was in exact the same spot. And that's when I came across Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck of Soul Speak http://www.jodichapman.com/ Jodi and Dan are some of the most amazing, loving, caring, kind persons I've ever met in my life. They genuinely care about people, about bringing them joy, and making their dreams a reality. As a member of their elite mastermind group Soul Shakers http://www.jodichapman.com/soulshakers/ I have been able to, in just a few short weeks, come up with a clear picture of what exactly my dream is, and with the support of Jodi, Dan, and my fellow Soul Shakers, I can stay focused, motivated, an on track with the help of my accountability partners, to make my vision come into fruition.

I am incredibly happy to be a part of the Soul Speak community and a member of the Soul Shakers group. But sometimes you might feel also that you need just a little bit more to really get your goals into gear. Perhaps a one on one relationship. That's when the Magic Formula Coaching comes into the scene. It's a coaching program designed by Dan Teck to help you clarify your dreams and your vision, step into your ideal life, and feel wonderful about it right now, rather than later. Head over to Dan's website Halfway up the Mountain to learn all about Magic Formula Coaching  http://www.halfwayupthemountain.com/

Like I said before, Dan is one of the sweetest, kindest, most caring human beings ever. There's no way you can not love him. His genuine and authentic personality shines right through the screen when Skyping. He really makes you feel like you can do anything you want, that your dreams will absolutely turn into reality! And right now Dan is offering the Magic Formula Coaching program for a ridiculously low introductory price http://www.halfwayupthemountain.com/ but this offer will end soon, so check out the details and book a 15 minute appointment with Dan to learn more about the program. You can choose phone or Skype, but I highly recommend Skyping if you have it so you can feel for yourself how I've described him :) You can email Dan to give him a few options of times that you have available so he can schedule the appointment and let him know that I sent you :) Trust me, you will love Dan and the program! dan@soulfuljournals.com

There's plenty of happiness, abundance, and prosperity for all of us. Living our dream lives is our birthright, not the privilege of a few. All we need to manifest this ideal life is a little guidance and support. Are you ready to live the life you are meant to live? I am!

Bright Blessings,

July 1, 2013

Ultimate Blog Challenge

Happy July everyone! So excited about day one of The Ultimate Blog Challenge. 31 days of writing a blog post every day. This is a challenge that happens quarterly, January, April, July and October and I don't want to miss this one! The goal is to write and share a new blog post every day for the next 31 days. Why did I join? Here are some of the reasons:

-To create a daily habit
-To exercise my writing muscles
-To find a voice for my blog and narrow down what it is exactly that I want to write about and who are my readers
-To read other blog posts
-To make connections and interact with other amazing people
-To learn new and exciting things
-To build a following
-To promote my blog
-To bring more traffic to my blog
-To get motivated
-To be accountable
-Heck! Just to have fun!

By signing up, you'll get daily emails with blogging tips and tactics as well as writing ideas. You can also interact with other bloggers on the Facebook and Twitter communities, get your blog listed on the UBC Blog Directory, and just have a ton of fun! There's still time, sign up and start today: http://ultimateblogchallenge.com/

Oh yeah, I joined also because I want to win this pretty ribbon :)

Have a wonderful Monday

Love and Bright Blessings,

June 30, 2013

Happiness at a cellular level

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in NYC. Breezy, not too humid, and the temperature was in the lower 80's. A perfect summer day. My never ending to do list stared accusingly at me, as if to say "hey, where to you think you're going? There's tons of things to be done!" Not today! There was no way I was going to stay indoors working when the weather was so wonderful outside. No matter how much work I had to do!

I have been feeling very disconnected from nature, from the earth itself. I've encapsulated myself in this cage of concrete and steel that I live and work in, completely disregarding the needs of my body. It isn't just my soul that craves the contact with earth, my body does so as well. To quote my mentor Laura Emily:

"Earth: More and more science is beginning to validate that without physical connection between our skin and earth (as well as sunlight), we suffer. Illness, anxiety, depression, lack of focus, struggles with sleeping, and a general feeling of emptiness is amplified when we do not connect physically with the earth. The body requires negative ions to ‘chill out’ so to speak- these negative ions are plentiful at the coast line, on the tips of evergreens in forests, and waterfalls. We don’t associate these areas with a sense of peace for nothing!
Peace happens at a cellular level- are we enabling this? Or have we detached ourselves into a plastic shelter from morning to night, completely forgetting the flesh and bones we are made of."
How many of us suffer from one or some or all of the symptoms above? To counteract it, we usually resort to pills. Are you depressed, struggle with anxiety? No problem, here, have a Prozac, everything will be just fine if you take one happy pill everyday. Can't sleep? Take an Ambien, you'll sleep like a baby. Not focusing? Here we go, Ritalin will solve all your problems. The list goes on. While I'm not proposing that people should stop whatever treatments they are under, I am saying that perhaps we should try and commit to spending some time in nature, in direct contact with the earth on a daily basis. That's what holistic living is all about. Mind, body, and soul.

Yesterday proved to me how much I needed to feel the cool, moist earth under my feet, to just lay quietly under a tree and listen to the sounds of birds, the wind, water, insects. How desperately my body as well as my soul was asking for that. I have been so unfocused lately, so stressed out, so very on the edge, that I have not been able to succeed in meditating properly, let alone having a completely fulfilling shamanic journey for quite awhile. Try as I might, I couldn't quiet the incessant chatter inside my mind, and was always left with a deep frustration at not being able to relax that would dictate the rest of my day.
 At Central Park, after a couple of hours of just laying under a tree and feeling the earth beneath my body and in direct contact with my skin, I started to feel not only a profound sense of peace, but also radiant happiness. I felt vibrant, energized. I felt alive!  I was just plain giggly!

Right there, surrounded by the sounds of children playing all around me and a baseball game happening just a few feet from where I was, I felt connected to the spirit of the tree I was laying under, and the tree whispered softly into my heart "this is the perfect time to meet Eagle". All month I've been trying to meet her, but to no avail. I had my iPod with me, I start playing my favorite shamanic drumming track and off I went, to the Lower World, to meet with Eagle and get the message I know she had been trying to give me for weeks. But I was unable to connect with her, despite the quiet of my "steel cage", all the preparations, all the smudging, all my crystals, and oils, and incense. The perfect "this" and the precise "that". No, that is not what I needed. The missing component was the most important of all; Mother Nature. Amidst the noisy kids and ball players, I was able to reach the Lower World in just a few seconds! This was quite possibly the most powerful journey I've ever had in all my years of journeying. The message was loud and clear. Both from my spirit guides during the journey and from my body, showing me that what I really really needed was to connect with Earth. Be one with Nature. Allow Gaia to embrace me completely.
I felt renewed, inspired, rejuvenated, with a happiness and sheer joy that I haven't felt in a very long time, and the absolute certainty that I am on the right track. My mission in life became crystal clear. I was completely imbued with a sense of purpose. I was at peace, spiritually, psychologically and at a cellular level. I'm sure that being properly hydrated contributed immensely to this experience :) I am on day 4 of the water challenge after all.

As I was leaving the park, I came across this little fella. He was hiding at first, but then he walked right up to me, stared me straight in the eye for a few seconds, turned around and walked away. Duck medicine. Yes, I got the message, believe me, I did!
For those of you lucky enough to live close to nature, don't take it for granted, that is more precious than you realize. And for the rest of us, city dwellers, whose only opportunity to feel close to the Earth are in city parks, well, let's make a real effort to make that connection a part of our daily lifes! After how I felt yesterday, I don't want to miss a single opportunity to do it again. Go outside and play!

Love and bright blessings,

June 28, 2013

I am Life

Day 2 of the Apothecary Circle 14 day water challenge. I'm feeling great,  my mood has improved  dramatically, my skin is super soft and I slept like a baby last night. All because my body is properly hydrated.  I can almost hear my cells singing happy happy joy joy!

How would you like to feel alive again? That's what happens when you give your body enough amounts of precious,  life sustaining water. All you have to do is drink no less than 80oz and never more than 100oz of pure,  clean water.  Spring or filtered.  That's it.  I promise you,  you will feel a dramatic difference! Join me, will you? What have you got to lose? 

Love and bright blessings