July 21, 2014

All work and (little) fun!

It's been a really busy morning, finishing up the last details on my new website (one dedicated to my artwork only), creating a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to get my business off the ground + editing pics and such. Not that much fun, but at least super easy, as far as the website creating goes. I'm just so glad I found artistrunwebsite.com Even someone like me, with only the most basic knowledge of computer related stuff can create a website with them in no time at all. Thanks Eric Deis, artist and webmaster over at artistrunwebsite for making my life that much easier!

The only real art fun I had this morning was painting another layer on my giant sunflower. Another one or two glazes and it should be finished!

Now off to work, but before I go, I should probably pack my new paintbox + a watercolor sketchbook. You never know when the opportunity to paint a little might arise. Loving this new Cotman watercolor pan set. With all 48 hues in the Cotman line, playing with color is super fun!  I did the paint swatches yesterday, now all I need is to use it a lot so I can remember all the colors in it! Here's some fun and loosey goosey poppies I painted to break in the new "toy". 

My thought to carry with me today - "FEAR NOT. PAINT COURAGEOUSLY" Yep, it's gonna be an awesome day.

Jade Scarlett
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