February 14, 2013

"Happy Valentine's Day"


Valentine's Day is all about love. You can feel it, smell it in the air, practically touch it, love is all around! We are so focused on displaying that love towards those that are dear to us, we usually forget all about ourselves, and seldom show that much pampering to our own precious selves.

I propose that today, we carve out a little time to shower ourselves with love. Let's tell ourselves over and over "I love and accept myself unconditionally". Even if for a brief moment, let us remember that we are beloved daughters of Goddess, She is us and we are Her. Allow the Divine within you to come out and shine the way is meant to. Honor yourself by doing something special and indulgent today. Go get a mani pedi, or a massage, prolong your lunch break and have a half an hour at the yoga studio, or go for an special, beautiful, colorful meal. Or have a glass of wine, perhaps while getting your feet rubbed. Splurge on that something you've been eying for a long time. Or at the very least, take a few moments to commune with the Divine and allow that love to infuse every cell of your body.

I created this miniature painting this morning, to celebrate self love and acceptance on this Valentine's Day. I call her "Sorella". She is infused with the magic of handmade gemstone paints, chrisoprase and rodochrosite, to bring you gentle and unconditional love, healing for the heart, and self confidence. The little bee on her hair, brings some honey to make the love even sweeter. The butterflies remind us that transformation can only occur when we learn to accept ourselves exactly the way we are, and understand that we are a perfect reflection of Goddess on the physical plane. And of course, we can't have Valentine's Day without roses, the quintessential symbol of love. The ladybug? Well, who doesn't LOVE ladybugs? Love is the word of the day, after all! Allow "Sorella" to whisper softly into your heart, and tell you how precious you are, how worthy of all the love in the world you truly are, and that you deserve that love not just today, but each and every day of your life.

Can you hear Her voice? Goddess is telling you to celebrate and love yourselves, precious ones. Yes, YOU, beautiful goddesses!

From my heart to yours,

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